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Login Page

After Testing PMWeb with all HICT approved Web Browsers, We have found that PMWeb works best with the Standard Firefox® and it generated some issues with IE. 
Hence you are kindly advised to use to access PMWeb from Hamad Wrokstations.

PMWeb is fully Integrated with Hamad Medical Corporation Active Directory.  
For HMC Employees, Please use your HMC Login Credentials.
For HMC Consultants/Contractors, Please use the password provided to you by PMWeb Support team.

If you are required to access PMWeb as a job requirement, Please contact your Project Manager for more information.

Yes, PMWeb is accessible from outside of HMC Network on the following address:

Main PMWeb Page

- Planning: Portfolio Planning, Initiatives, conceptual and detailed Estimating, Assemblies, Items Catalogue, Procurement, and Online Bidding
- Cost Management: Funding, Budget, Contracts, Change Management, Invoicing, Cost Worksheet, Payments, Multi-Currency
- Engineering Forms: RFIs, Submittals, Daily Reports, Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, Action Items, plus more…
- Scheduling: Project, cross-Project, Portfolio, Claims Analysis, Cash flow, P6 and MS Project Import
- Asset Management: Geographical Breakdown Structure (GBS), Work Orders, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, Dispatch Board, Equipment Management, Inventory Tracking, Lease Management
- Toolbox: Misc. Tools like Document Mnaager and timesheet.

Watch Video: Click Here

You can Setup PMWeb User Delegation, By following the below steps:
1- Click on the Three stripes beside PMWeb Logo.

2- Select My Settings. 

3- Click on Delegate 

4- Click on Add to add a new Delegation Rule.

5- Setup the below Values for Delegation Rule 

            a- Level: Select a Project or leave (System) for all projects.

            b- Delegate to: Select your delegate name.

            c- Apply to records: Current, Future or both types of records.       

            d- End Date for the delegation rule.

All Users are advised to look for the main "My Actions Centre" Tab, which provide an over view on the tasks pending with the user along with it's due dates.

Standard Tabs

By default you will find the below tabs configured on your login.

1-  where you will be able to find all your pending items in PMWeb.

2-  Where you can search for project documents using filters.

3-  where you can find the standard HFD Templates and procedures.

4-  where you can SUbmit and review the approval status of your previously submitted time sheets.

5-  where you can find all HMC previously published PMWeb User Guides.

Action Centre

Action Centre is a tailored function developed to allow PMWeb users to see all their pending actions and preview all the record details before taking the proper action as well as reviewing the workflow status.
For a full user guide please click here.


Time Sheet is a function in PMWeb used to record Project Man hours for the required Planning , Estimation and Billing for projects.

Time sheets Must be submitted weekly, You can update the daily projects hours on daily basis, But not submitted till the end of the week.

You need to add leave row to your time sheets for your duration of your leave once you are back from Leave.
The same applys to Public Holidays, Sick Leave, 

Note: You need to Set your delegation rule for the period you are on leave.

Document Log

Document Log is a function in PMWeb used to search and retreive Project Documents.
It contains filters to narrow down the search results to make it easy to find Project Documents.

1- Document Date From, and To.
2- Delivery Manager (Ashghal Or HMC).
3- Project Name.
4- Project Gateway.
5- Form Name.
6- Document type.
7- Discipline.
8- Workflow Status.
9- Departments.
10- Pending With.
11- Subject.
12- Originator Reference.
13- Category.
14- From and To
15- File Name.
16- Created By.

HFD Procedures and Templates

HFD Procedures and Templates can be accessed and downloaded from PMWeb  Tabs .



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